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The Pivotal Process Outlined:


Step One: The Free Consultation

This first step is very informal, and is designed for both sides to get to know each other, and for Pivotal to get a solid grip on what it is your company actually does, what it is you need, and what it is you want. We can also discover the kind of data you’re working with, and how you currently manage that data.

Our aim during this initial meeting is to gain enough insight into what you need from your data, to be able to show you a couple of ways you can better analyse that data. The hope is that this information can be used right away to make an immediate difference to your business, and that you’re able to find other applications for the same kind of thinking. We gladly provide this to you completely free of charge.

It’s up to you what happens following this initial meeting, but we hope your business will naturally progress to the next level of our service…

Step Two: The In-Depth Consultation

If you decide to hire Pivotal to simplify your analytics process, we conduct a thorough assessment of your current situation, and make recommendations that will tell you everything you should do in order to get the most out of your data.

We aim to talk to everyone who’s either working directly with the data, or relies on the analysis of the data in order to do their job effectively. Aside from understanding your processes, we will also aim to discover everybody’s skill levels, and make recommendations for training to fill any knowledge gaps and bring everybody’s understanding to a higher level.

This second stage can usually be completed in a day, but it’s fair to say that that depends on the size of your company, and the amount of data you’re currently working with, and what you want to get from your data.

It is entirely up to you what you choose to do with our recommendations. At this stage, we feel we have built a firm working relationship with your business, and can help you address the recommendations by moving to our next level of service…

Step Three: The Training

If we’ve identified that training your key staff would be a huge advantage, and you decide to act on that advice, we’ll build a training program specifically designed around your business requirements.

Typically, our training programmes run for 3 days, and consist of the following modules that will be tailored to suit your business:

Software Training
Helping you get the most out of software you already have. Tips and tricks to use it efficiently and effectively

Data Analytics Training
Helping you change your thinking. Moving away from arbitrary statistics that don’t actually tell you anything, to information that is meaningful and can be acted upon to drive your business forwards

Presentation Training
Helping your staff communicate their findings, the best mediums to use, and how to tailor their style to a variety of audiences

We’ll use real data and analytics scenarios throughout our training days, and the delegates will work through specific issues from start to finish. Our training is interactive, not death by PowerPoint! This way, we can work with them whilst they’re directly working on scenarios to assist them as they work, and prepare them for challenges they will face within your business and giving them the skills to adapt to future projects.

Part of our training will also include fostering a healthy data culture within your business, and we would aim to help you build a happy, and motivated team that all pull together. Delegates will also learn how to effectively share information with each other, and easily present their findings to any level within your company.

To book your free initial consultation, contact us whenever you have the time, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to start the process.


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