Business Intelligence Consultancy

Business Intelligence Consultancy 

We appreciate that not everybody is in a position to have Business Analysts on hand in their companies. So if that describes your situation, we are happy to come in and do the work for you as consultants. 


This first step is very informal, and is designed for both sides to get to know each other, and for Pivotal to get a solid grip on what it is your company actually does, what it is you need, and what it is you want. Or where you are, and where you want to be – and we can try to help you get from one to the next. We can also discover the kind of data you’re working with, and how you currently manage that data. 

Our aim during this initial meeting is to gain enough insight into what you need from your data, and to give you a couple of ways you can better analyse that data, with or without our help 


If you decide to hire Pivotal to work with you as a consultancy, we conduct a thorough assessment of your current situation, and make recommendations that will tell you everything you should do in order to get the most out of your data. 

We aim to talk to everyone who’s either working directly with the data, or relies on the analysis of the data in order to do their job effectively.  

The duration of this phase can vary, depending on the size of your company, and the amount of data you work with. We will prepare a report with a number of recommendations contained within, that we like to present back to your team. 

The recommendations are structured in a way that you may choose to do one or many of them combined. All should make an impact, and all should help you to solve the problems you’ve been experiencing. 

Then what? 

We like to think that we operate on firm relationships, and that you’ll ask us back in future.  

Our ideal option is to move you away from needing us (counter-intuitive, we know), and for us to help you train your staff to become your own internal team of consultants.  Please click here to view the training we offer.